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* FOX partnered with Thomas Jefferson University School of Public Health to analyze the outcomes of 28,700+ older adults in senior living and the community with an average age of 83. This third party analysis indicates our results are meaningful and highly unlikely to have occurred by chance.
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Senior Living Community Partner

FOX, a high growth entrepreneurial private practice, has been providing its clinically excellent interventions to senior living businesses since 1998 and understands the needs of both its residents and executives alike. Today, FOX provides its services to over 350 senior living operators both large and small. FOX is a long standing committed partner with Argentum (formally ALFA) and serves Argentum as a Presidents Council member, PAC Member, and an advisor to the board.

As acuities rise and residents become more medically complex, your communities require a clinical provider that not only understands the rehabilitative management of residents with multiple chronic conditions but is also an expert in your business.

If you are looking for an outcome driven innovative solution that is committed to senior living and its successes, give us a ring.

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Healthcare Provider

Whether a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, social worker, geriatric care manager, FOX, a primarily clinician owned and operated high growth entrepreneurial private practice and expert in the geriatric house call, has been providing its clinically excellent interventions to our clients in their own homes (community or senior living) since 1998. Our 2000 referring practitioners are our customers as well as our clients; and we want you both to shine as a result of your proactive referral.

Our house calls not only enable the opportunity for a geriatric based comprehensive assessment but also provide the opportunity for a full home safety assessment—and just as important, a caregiver (often frail spouse) assessment.

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How to Refer

Here are a couple of easy ways to refer a client to FOX! You can either download a treatment referral form and fax it to our Customer Care department, or you can join our online portal:



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