Innovative Business Partnerships

FOX is a high growth entrepreneurial private practice that since its inception in 1998 has proven itself to be forward thinking and innovative through its novel clinical delivery of evidence based geriatric rehabilitation interventions—delivered at home.

Home Health - the old way is not the best way.

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Unlike old traditional models, FOX has many successful partnerships with agencies and is able to improve function, monitor the client, and improve quality of life post agency discharge completing the 90 day continuum of care.

Speak to us about models beyond the continuum using physical therapist extenders.

Orthopedic Bundles

FOX is open and receptive to the new challenges and opportunities that healthcare reform has provided. We are currently involved in many beta tests, post total joint bundling projects, and ACO participation discussions. For example, often costly home health (nursing, aides, etc.) are not indicated or necessary. Why pay for the whole team when it is not needed?

Alternative providers such as FOX House Call physical therapists can perform the necessary care, such as suture removal, vitals, and lung auscultation within their scope of license. Why pay for an agency team when you don't need one?

FOX is continually looking to build relationships with conveners and other proactive groups who recognize the value of partnering with innovative, "out-of-the-FOX" providers.

If you require an innovative, untapped clinical solution to assist in the chronic disease management of your clients, you should give us a ring.