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Our History

FOX is a private practice of full-time physical, occupational, and speech therapists. FOX was built on the novel foundation of Geriatric House Calls™, and throughout its growth, the practice has stayed true to its mission of rehabilitating lives by believing in the strength of people.

Diversification has included outpatient clinics, post acute care, and pediatric centers within home therapy. Our clinicians provide clinically excellent care and are given the autonomy they need to rehabilitate lives through evidence-based interventions and best practice guidelines.

Within FOX, our culture is one of respect and hard work. We are a growing organization, with a spirit of innovation that inspires our employees. Our private practice is built around support systems that provide physical, occupational, and speech-language therapists the tools they need to succeed while achieving clinical excellence and professional career fulfillment.

It is our philosophy that employees at all levels are equally important to the success of FOX. At FOX, it is this philosophy and our unique culture that create a supportive atmosphere where employees are recognized for their contributions.

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Our Highlights

> We provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

> We treat patients with physical and cognitive impairments compassionately and with positive outcomes.

> We assess patients with evidence-based functional outcome measures.

> We partner and collaborate with academic institutions such as Temple University, Thomas Jefferson University, New York University, and Arcadia University, for continuing education in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology.

> We recognize our responsibility to contribute to our professional body of knowledge through research and provide many opportunities for our clinicians to do so.

> We celebrate the commitment and dedication of our staff, including many founding clinicians who are still with us today.

> We believe in the power of exercise to restore and rehabilitate lives.

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The FOX Approach
FOX Physical Therapists (PTs)

FOX Physical Therapists assess and address the various components of one's mobility and seek to improve quality of life. These components may include general fatigue, weakness, tight muscles, dizziness, and poor balance or falls. PTs may also provide environmental modifications, skilled education and techniques specific to each individual. FOX provides therapy in the comfort of one's own home and natural environment to specifically address any hindrances within one's daily routine.

FOX Occupational Therapists (OTs)

FOX Occupational Therapists assess and address the various components and tasks that make up a client's day. These include basic self-care such as dressing, bathing, and grooming or daily activities like meal preparation, medication management, or home maintenance. OTs can also provide environmental modifications, skilled education and techniques to address any issues with caregiver stress. FOX provides therapy in the comfort of one's own home and natural environment to specifically address any hindrances within one's daily routine.

FOX Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)

FOX Speech-Language Pathologists assess, diagnose, and treat various components of one's speech, language, social communication, cognition, and swallowing skills related to adult disorders. Therapy is provided in the client's own natural environment addressing specific challenges to enhance their outcomes. SLPs provide valuable educational tips to clients and caregivers to benefit the overall health and well-being of their clients and to ensure safe and functional implementation of all interventions and strategies. An individual plan is taken into account to address client goals using evidence based protocols to achieve the most efficient outcomes, based on the ASHA NOMS (American Speech Hearing and Language Associations National Outcome Measurement System). FOX SLPs work collaboratively with physical and occupational therapists to ensure carryover in the community and in their home environment.